Learn the basics of shruti (pitch), raagam (a combination of swaras) and talam (rhythmic beat).

*Students are allowed only 2 reschedules of confirmed classes per month, after which there will be no provision for refund of fee.


This is the elementary level where candidates learn the basics of shruti (pitch), raagam (a combination of swaras makes a raagam) and talam (rhythmic cycle).

  • The basic exercises in Raagam Mayamalavagowla
  • Sarali Varsai
  • Janta Varsai
  • Dhattu Varsai
  • Upper Sthayi
  • Lower Sthayi
  • Alankaaram
  • Geethams (1- 13)
  • Namavalis (minimum four short compositions)


Additional information

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this Course:

• They can develop a better understanding of Carnatic Music.
• Students can sing in Pitch.
• Understand the importance of Shruti and Taalam in Compositions.
• Get Familiar with the Structure & notes of Raagam Mayamalavagowla.

Pick a class format

One-on-one (For 1 class), One-on-one (For 4 classes), One-on-one (For 8 classes), One-on-one (For 12 classes), Group (For 1 class), Group (For 4 classes), Group (For 8 classes), Group (For 12 classes)

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