Delve deeper into the understanding of Carnatic music, learning taala varnams, keerthanams and more.

*Students are allowed only 2 reschedules of confirmed classes per month, after which there will be no provision for refund of fee.


Level Mi is a continuation in the deeper understanding of Carnatic music. In this course:

  • The student moves one step forward and learns to practice the basic exercises in other janya raagas.
  • The student learns at least two adi tala varnams.
  • They are introduced to ata taala varnams (at least two).
  • They are introduced to basic keerthanams.
  • Learn the basics of Carnatic Music theory.
  • Learn a minimum of three Thirupugazh verses.

Additional information

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this Course, Students:

• Understand different raagas- Janya Raagas, Vivaadi raagas in detail.

• Learn popular Keerthanams & understand their structure.

• Practicing basics in different raagas will serve as a foundation for Swaram Singing.

Pick a class format

One-on-one (For 1 class), One-on-one (For 4 classes), One-on-one (For 8 classes), One-on-one (For 12 classes), Group (For 1 class), Group (For 4 classes), Group (For 8 classes), Group (For 12 classes)

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