• For Vocal courses, students  from the age of 6.
  • For Instrument courses, students  from the age of 8.
  • For the Sloka course, students can enrol from the age of 4.

Yes, you can start learning music from any day irrespective of your age.

The levels of the courses are named in accordance with the western notes DO, RE, MI, FA, SOL, LA, TI. Level DO is the first level or the beginner’s level in the course.

One can choose to take up individual or group classes for the course(s) enrolled.

Please let our executives know which course you would like to enrol for, previous experiences (if any), when was the last class taken along with your convenient time and preference, if any.  Our team will assign you a mentor within 24 hours, after which you can start your classes on completion of the payment.

Once a mentor is assigned for your classes, we will start your classes at mutually agreed upon times and dates after the payment is completed.

If you do not have previous experience, you are advised to start from the first level (Level DO). In case of previous experience, you are required to send a recording of what you had last learned to our executives in addition to the details of your previous classes. Depending on the above mentioned information,our team will get back to you at the earliest.

Please communicate your previous learning experience (years of experience and how far you have learnt) with our team and send us a recording of singing (for vocal) or playing the instrument (for the instrument courses). Our mentors, on receiving the information, will conclude the level from which you can start your classes from.

On confirming the level of your classes, you are required to give us your convenient time and days to take up your classes. We will match you with candidates with similar learning experience for the classes.

A minimum of 2 to maximum of 5 members shall be allocated in a group.

Yes, you can switch to one-on-one classes, if preferred. But switching back to group classes after taking up individual classes will be difficult.

Yes, one could choose to take up a vocal and an instrument course or any number of courses  simultaneously.

The Celnatic Experience gives you an understanding of the influence of western scales in Carnatic music. Under this masterclass, one would learn 36 rhyme-like compositions originally composed by Muthuswami Dikshitar.

Every month you will be sending us recordings of  songs learnt in the class. You could see your progress comparing the recordings of each month and with the feedback from your mentors based on their assessments.

Once the curriculum of a level is learnt and you are able to reflect it in your songs or while playing the instrument. Your mentor will let you know of your progress to the next level.

Yes, after the completion of each level, you will receive a level completion certificate.


The time & days for your classes would depend on the mutual convenience of the mentor and the student.

Group classes are fixed for a minimum 2 days a week. Timings & days will be flexible incase of certain exceptions- connectivity issues and medical emergencies. 

The duration for each class would be for 50min-1hour. For Sarod and the percussion courses please do refer to our curriculum to know the level vice per class duration.

On an average, it would take about 3-4 months to complete a level, which also would predominantly depend on an individual’s progress and regularity in classes.

You could take up a minimum of 2 classes a week (8 classes a month) to a maximum of 7 classes per week, depending on your decided schedule.

Yes, you could choose the number of classes you would want to take up, keeping it a minimum of 2 classes a week.

Please confirm your classes at least 24 hours before the class hours. The class is counted as confirmed only after the payment for the classes have been done.

Please get in touch with our executives on the reason for time changes. They’ll help you with the other available time slots for your classes.


Depending on your course chosen, level of learning and time preferred, we will fix a mentor for the candidates.

Since the mentors are fixed depending on a lot of factors such as mutual time, pitch and level of the classes, our team will fix a mentor for you, understanding your requirements.

Once a mentor is fixed, your classes will be constantly handled by them, unless a change is required.

Please write to us explaining the reason for your mentor change. We will respond to you accordingly.


In case of cancellation, please inform our executives at least 2 hours before the scheduled class.

For group classes, in case of reschedule, you will have to take up individual class to cope up with the missed class before the next group class. For individual classes, please let our executives know of the reschedule at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled class.

*For both individual and group classes, not more than 2 reschedules a month can be accounted for.

 We would appreciate the students to speak to our executives and explain their reason for discontinuation and also send  a written feedback to info@imuze.com.

Please change your password from the dashboard.

In case of connectivity issues, please try to login after sometime. In case you forget your pin, you could change your pin from the dashboard. For more issues and clarification, please connect with our executives to assist you better.

For group classes, you could please take up an individual class with your mentor to be on the same page with the other students. For individual classes, you could please reschedule your class to the upcoming days.


When taking up an instrument course, you will have to own an instrument of the respective course enrolled for.

Please do send us the image of the instrument. Depending on your age group and experience, our mentors will confirm if you could use the same instrument.

For every instrument course, the specifications of the instrument would vary depending on the age group (for example- children will use small size instruments & adults would require a bigger size). Our mentors will help with the specifications of the same. Please do check for the availability of the specified instrument in your locality. In case of unavailability,  you could also buy the instrument from iMuze. We will ship it to your location. 

 Please do send us the image of the instrument. Our mentors will confirm the same.


  • Open the course page.
  • Select the course of your choice.
  • Select the level of course after receiving a confirmation.
  • On selecting the type of classes, enter the required details and complete your payment.

There are 4 options- you can pay per class, for 4 classes, for 8 classes or for 12 classes.

The online modes of payment available are Visa card, MasterCard, RuPay, Netbanking, ICICI bank PayLater, Wallets (PhonePe, MobikwiK, Freecharge, Airtel Money, Ola Money, Jio Money, PayZapp), UPI/QR including GooglePay, BHIM, PhonePe.

Your classes are confirmed only after the payments are completed. Hence, the payment has to be made before you take up a class.

Avail yourself a discount of 10% on payment of 8 classes in all the courses available. All updates on the payment will be mentioned on the payment page. You can also avail a 10% referral discount by spreading word of iMuze classes to a minimum of 1-2 students. *terms & conditions apply

You will receive your payment receipt on the registered mail ID. In case of delay, you could check with our executives on the same.

This can happen because of various reasons. Please try to make the payment after sometime. In case of an unresolved issue, please do get in touch with our executives. They could help you better.


You will have to download a video application to take up your classes. You will have to send a link for the meeting to your mentor and iMuze. Once done, your class will begin on the scheduled day. The links for the group classes will be sent by iMuze.

We use Zoom, Google meet and teamlink video conferencing apps, for the classes. Our executives will help you set up your account for the same.

The medium to take your classes have been chosen keeping in mind the recording options. You could record your classes all by yourself which will be stored in your device for access.


Please share your music bio (covering achievements, learning experience, teaching experience etc.) along with a video recording of yours and a high resolution picture via email.

After reviewing the above details we will get in touch with you.

Yes, our team is working on bringing to you many more exciting courses of various genres in the near future. Please stay tuned for the updates.

You will have to have a strong internet connection  and a  device to take up your classes.

For Indian classical music classes, it is important to have a Shruti box or tanpura to keep a track on your pitch. You can download a tanpura app after receiving instructions from your mentor.

iMuze is a learning platform and we provide you all the support for the learning process. You could request your mentor for specifics to be taught in the classes. We do not provide a platform for a candidate to take up an examination. Our mentors can help you prepare for music examinations.

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