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Shri A.S. Murali

Vocal Demo Class
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Shri. T. Vikku Vinayakram
Carnatic Percussion Demo Class
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Laxmi Vinayak
Carnatic vocal Music Demo

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Sreeja- Hindustani
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Raghav- Hindustani
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Vidhun- Sloka
Know your
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Harikrishnan – Carnatic Vocal A
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Mrs. Priyadarshini – Carnatic Vocal & Veena
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Mrs. Yagnyaseni – Hindustani Vocal
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Mrs. Mythili – Carnatic Vocal
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Dr. Lakshmi Vinayak – Carnatic Vocal

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It has been a long journey and finally it is time to let “The Celnatic experience fly out to the world. 


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