Level Re: Hindustani Vocal

Level Re: Hindustani Vocal


Gain the Knowledge of Aakaar.

*Students are allowed only 2 reschedules of confirmed classes per month, after which there will be no provision for refund of fee.

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  • Gain the Knowledge of Aakaar
  • Gain the knowledge of Taal
  • Advanced learning of Raags- Yaman, Bhupali,Khamaj, Alaiya Bilawal, Bhimpalasi, Bhageshri and Kafi
  • Sa Re Ga Ma Geet & Lakshan Geet 
  • Chota Khayal (in detail)
Learning Outcomes

On completion of this Course: • They can develop a better understanding of Hindustani Vocal Music. • Students can sing in Pitch.

Pick a class format

One-on-one (For 1 class), One-on-one (For 4 classes), One-on-one (For 8 classes), One-on-one (For 12 classes), Group (For 1 class), Group (For 4 classes), Group (For 8 classes), Group (For 12 classes)

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