Slokas (KIDS)


Slokas (KIDS)


Duration per class: min 50min – 1 hour 

Note – This curriculum is not strictly for kids. Adults can learn slokas from these as well.

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Students get to learn the following in our sloka classes:

  1. Shiva tandava stotra  (Sloka written by Ravana)
  2. Medha Suktam ( To improve concentration in studies and do well in exams)
  3. Dhanvantri mantra (helps in improving vitality and energy levels)
  4. Vaidyanatha Ashtakam (To get ailments healed and diseases cured)
Temple and Mythology tales:
  1. How Ganesha wrote the Mahabharatha?
  2. How Shiva helped devas over the asuras?
  3. Why did Vishnu take the form of 10 avatars?
  4. How did Ravana become a devotee of Lord Shiva?
  5. Tanjore temple and its rich heritage
  6. Madurai Meenakshi temple


Along with Powerful Daily Slokas:

  • Ganesha pancharathnam
  • Sankashta naashana ganesha sthohram
  • Subramanya Bhujangam
  • Kumarasthavam
  • Lingashtakam
  • Bhilvashtakam
  • Krishnashtakam
  • Madhurashtakam
  • Hayagrivaashtothra Agatha nama sthothram
  • Lalitha pancharathnam
  • Durga sapthasloki
  • Mahalakshmi ashtakam
  • Saraswathy sthothram
  • Dhakshina murthy sthothram
  • Hanumath pancharathnam
  • Hanuman chaalisa
  • Pandurangashtakam
  • Govindashtakam


We offer Parayanam classes ( where students are taught how to completely visualize and explain the scenario of the slokas), these would have to be individual classes only.

Learning Outcomes

• Get an in detail approach of learning the slokas, emphasising on their meaning and pronunciation.

Pick a class format

One-on-one (For 1 class), One-on-one (For 4 classes), One-on-one (For 8 classes), One-on-one (For 12 classes), Group (For 1 class), Group (For 4 classes), Group (For 8 classes), Group (For 12 classes)

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