Sandyavandanam (Two week course)

Sandyavandanam (Two week course)


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Name:  As per namakaranam, for example – Shri Ganesha Sharma, Shri Krishna Sharma



*Students are allowed only 2 reschedules of confirmed classes per month, after which there will be no provision for refund of fee.

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Sandhya Vandanam is an important nitya karma (daily duty) of a person who has been given brahmopadesam (Upadesam of Gayathri Mantra) during the Upanayanam ceremony. The Sandhya Vandana karma has to be performed three times a day. The benefits of performing Sandhya Vandanam is immense, not only for the person who performs but also for his family and future generation. With the intend to help young boys (from the Yajur Veda Shaakha) who have received the brahmopadesam recently as well as those who have not been regularly performing this karma and have forgotten the mantras and procedure to perform, iMuze has come up with a two week online live course which will be taught to the participants.

Participant Profile

Boys / Men who have been given the brahmopadesam and are wearing the Poonal

Dress code

Participants should be wearing Veshti -angavastram (Dhoti- towel) and should have applied Vibhuti / Chandanam / Thiruman while performing Sandhyavandanam

Learning Outcomes

• Get an in detail approach of learning the Sandyavandanam , emphasising on their meaning and pronunciation.

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For 14 days

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